Tuesday, March 3, 2009

loves 030309.

i loves 030309..a memorable day.
i loves all my fellow friends.. they gave me a great day..
received a lots of wishes and present from my friends..

firstly, i wana thanks Huey, Han & Jun.
i loves the cute bear very much.. its just nice & cute.
but, i scared i will dirty it.. *ahem..
haha, i'll try to protect it from being turning into black..

secondly, i wana thanks my classmate..
it was amazing & surprising..
although it is just a birthday card..
but it is full of love & caring..
almost wana cry when i get..
once i opened the card & saw it full with names..
i was just like " waahhh". damn shocked man..
aniway, thanks yea (: appreciate it lots..

thirdly, thanks to my form 5 erhu peeps, lam lam & wai yeen..
i loves the album very very muchh...
it is very nice !! i noe u guys have spent lotsa time to make it..
loves u guys... appreciate it lots (:

besides, thanks to shen wen for the birthday cake u bought me. it is nice & yummy.. thanks sin wei for the chocolate.. FERRERO ROCHER.. loves it (: thanks mon yun for the present and those who wish me, thanks !! thanks for the birthday song by PMO GANG, 5S6 and oso my carpool- mate. hee (:

lastly, thanks u guys..u guys make my birthday a memorable & an unforgetable day! it'll be a part of my sweet memories.. loves u guy (: mwahz

ps: it surprised me!

i loves
030309. sweet memories.

with loves'

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waiyeen said...

hoho... didn't noe that my paper is in the 1st page...happy bufday lo... dai go lui la...