Saturday, January 2, 2010


relink please!

much loves,

Friday, January 1, 2010

alvin and the chipmunks 2

here it goes and come

2010, here it comes.

just got back from sunway piramid. went there for dinner with the family. then met up with the friends: zhisim, xiaoyen, yeejing, karyee, weilshern, yeeyang and suilun. we went for a movie, alvin and the chipmunks 2! finally i got to watch. i lost the chance this morning, which is with the kids. and now, i got to watch! (: ohh, the chipmunks are so CUTE man! especially the theodore and alvin. just one word can be described: CUTE! and this movie was awesome man. i laugh from the beginning till the end. LOL. i rate it 10/10. if possible, gonna watch it for second time. HAHA! :D after movie, went starbucks @ new wing to wait for fireworks. before that, we had camwhore session in front of the door. all the photos are with zhi sim's camera now. so have to wait ya. and the people there shouted and i thought it's 12.00am. but they're shouted for FUN. finally, it's 12.00am. people shouted when the fireoworks started from the lagoon there. after that, met up with my family and supper at zhia's restaurant, while they went mabel's house. hug everyone before i left. feel like bu she de? lol. anyway, keep in touch kay, friends? must have outing next time ya! love you guys. because you guys made my day, accompany me to welcome the arrival of 2010. i hope you guys will be doing well in your future. stay strong whenever you have any problems. so, in this new year, may all the BAD things gone, and GOOD things come. and now, we're going into another type of life. we're not high school student animore. lastly, thanks for being my friend, and always be there for me whenever i need you.

5S6 peeps, thanks for this 2 years memories. that's nice and great, people! (:

pmo peeps, thanks for being friends and those nice memories for 5 years! yea, we've been through many things, arent we? anyway, peeps must keep in touch, kay? love you guys (:

dears, thanks for being such a best friend of mine. you guys rock my life okay? thanks for being there for me. thanks for listening to me when im depressing. thanks for accepting my phone call when i was sad. thanks for calling me to concern me. thanks for always crazy with me. thanks for things that you guys did to me. and thanks for EVERYTHING! you guys know who are you right?no need to list out your name here. you know i know larh! :p



new start, new begin, new year.

ps: thanks..


Thursday, December 31, 2009


才离开没多久就开始 担心今天的你过得好不好
整个画面是你 想你想的睡不着
嘴嘟嘟那可爱的模样 还有在你身上香香的味道
我的快乐是你 想你想的都会笑
穿过云层 我试着努力向你奔跑
爱才送到 你却已在别人怀抱
就是开不了口 让她知道
我一定会呵护着你 也逗你笑
你对我有多重要 我后悔没 让你知道
安静的听你撒娇 看你睡着 一直到老
就是开不了口 让她知道
就是那么简单几句 我办不到
整颗心悬在半空 我只能够 远远看着
这些我都做得到 但那个人已经不是我


today is the last day for 2009.
is 2009 a good year for me?
half half.
i love my class, 5S6.
the gang, the friends, the PMO buddies, the juniors.
got through many things this year.
been happy, been down, been angry,
been laugh, been quarrelling, been fighting,.....
am i ready for 2010 year? havent.

i hope 2010 will be a good year for me.
and i do appreciate all things i had now.
lastly, happy birthday to zuo hao and sze yin.
have a great one!


yesterday chatting with huey. she's so funny. suddenly told me those. i was shocked. lol. so this post is for you, KHOR SHU HUEY.

ah girl, how dare i will forget you? you're such a nice friend. and always gossip with me. i know a lots from you, you know? :p anyway, dont worry, i wont forget you. and please dont forget me! i think we had heart-talk before? lol. but not much larh. still have marh. next time, i can call you during midnight since u sleep late. haha, wait my call ya and dont blame me or get frustrated on me. blek :p

this girl,
one word:NICE.
another word: GOSSIP.

i'll keep myself happy always. no worry, kay? wink* and u must also.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

either good or bad.

went school today for orientation day. hmm, not bad! they all grow up liao. a little bit? lol. anyway, damn happy to see them. FYI, i miss them LOTS!!! very enjoy while chatting with them. miss those time that we chit-chatting. (: have a talk with uncle, and i feel more relieve now. though i had a talk with ys before and i did feel relieve. haha. miss him!

went mid valley after OD. met up with mum and had lunch with her. shop around until 8:30pm then met up with brother and sister. had dinner @ teppanyaki. home after that.

in between shopping, i went for interview @ nose. and i really did feel like working there. and the salary per month is attracting me. after im hired, then only i think of those problems.. ishh, and now i was regret. i shouldn't have interview @ nose. damn! now, i dunno how to call the people there and tell them i wanna quit. ugh.

PS: iphone better or blackberry? (:

today was a good day? or a moody day?


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

birthday shoutout.


Happy 17th Birthday, GIRL

you know i love you, right?
have a great one ya.
still remember we had shopping at sp?
and only two us?
so, when will be our second time?
lol. best wishes to you, shortiee.
and all the best in your future.
dont try to forget me.
enjoy your day today.


with loves,

Monday, December 28, 2009

new moon ♥

i know it's kinda late now. but still, i watched new moon with lyn @ mid valley today. like finally. and it's AWESOME. i wonder why those ppl said it's not that nice. HAHA! i rate it 7/10. cant wait eclipse to release. next year, NEXT YEAR. and we have already date each other to watch eclipse next year. alright. it's kinda weird. but who care?

ps: hope everything will be fine one day.


everything gone.
without saying a single word.

ps:i dont think i can stand it animore. felt like scream it out loud.