Thursday, December 31, 2009


yesterday chatting with huey. she's so funny. suddenly told me those. i was shocked. lol. so this post is for you, KHOR SHU HUEY.

ah girl, how dare i will forget you? you're such a nice friend. and always gossip with me. i know a lots from you, you know? :p anyway, dont worry, i wont forget you. and please dont forget me! i think we had heart-talk before? lol. but not much larh. still have marh. next time, i can call you during midnight since u sleep late. haha, wait my call ya and dont blame me or get frustrated on me. blek :p

this girl,
one word:NICE.
another word: GOSSIP.

i'll keep myself happy always. no worry, kay? wink* and u must also.


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