Friday, August 22, 2008

we love you.

hey, tmr is pmo installation.
erm, actually i have no feeling oso. cos i think we din prepare well.
and, our erhu group.
everytime oso last minute.
but nvm, at least we success.
haih. installation is the most sad moment.
i reali bu she de all form 5s,
especially hliang and han.
they have been with us 4 years.
time past so fast.
i reali very very bu she de hliang.
he is reali a good senior, president, fren, tat i have been met.
although we are wrong, but he will not scold us directly,
he will teach us slowly, sabar ~
a han, he is reali a happy guy,
wherever i see him, he oso laugh or smile,
but sometime when he is moody,
omg, scary ~
haha.xD but, very fast he will happy back.
pmo are fun when he is there,.
i love it.

they wll be leave us soon.
reali bu she de them.
btw, all the best to all form 5s.
good luck in ur spm examination.
we will miss u always.

we love you ~


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