Thursday, July 3, 2008

mid valley ;)

going mv with my dear lin and my darling ying.
ben lai wana watch movie de.
kungfu panda.
but. the movie time is too late. 3 pm.
aiseh.. too late d.
so decided not to watch.
sooooo, go buy jan's burfday present.
haha. xD walk around mv and choose choose choose.
bear larh. t-shirt larh. football larh. cup larh. and many many many.
football. not good. cos dun have manchester united.
t-shirt. not good. too cheap d.
cup. not good. out of our dicision.
bear. good. its cute and big ! and i like it !
but, its jan's burfday present.
love it love it love it love it love it love it !
haha. xD
hope jan will like it.
then we go eat cake @ ZEN.
we order 3 different type of favourite.
green tea. mocha. and chocolate.
the most i like is chocolate.
it just nice nia.
green tea and mocha oso nice.
but not very enjoy when i'm eating.
haha. xD chocolate chocolate chocolate.
jealous ? ;p
yea, i am !
after eating then go buy burfday card.
i like the burfday card. its damn cute and nice.
haha. then back home lorh.
bye bye mv ;)


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