Wednesday, July 2, 2008

i hope.

i trust u tat u take me as ur best fren.
my feeling is, when i nid somebody.
my first person tat i think is u.
next person i think is leng.
third person i think is ying.
but everytime i nid a person to talk or pei me.
u are always not beside me.
because u are with her.
so, i just can find leng.
everytime i wana find u,
u are beside her.
so, i reali duno how to do !

one thing tat i not und is ur thinking is same as me anot.
which is. her.....................
i hope u can tell me.
i noe when u are in trouble.
u wont tell anyone,
eventhough me.
maybe u are same as me.
when u nid me,
me is not at ur side.

me is same as u,
when i saw ur blog.
me cry too. T.T
cos i duwana to lost u.
i duwan because of her and make us become stranger and stranger.
tuesday tat day.
i line up at ur class there rite?
tat day i reali heart broke.
reali reali.
sad !
i tot u will come to me and talk to me.
but. u are oso with her.
oni wai kuan come to me.
i'm reali reali. duno how to say.

lin. u must trust me ok ?
i reali duwan tat happen.
next time if got something happen,
i hope we can tell each other.
i hope next time when i'm in trouble.
the first person come out, is u !
i hope she cannot change us.
i hope next time is not orange tell me those problem.
i hope we can slove it ourselve.
i hope next time i can noe ur things through ur mouth.
and tell me urself. not through blog.
this just i hope.
ok ?

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