Tuesday, June 17, 2008

hate the feeling >.<

huey !
happie burfday yea.
haha. xD
hope eu will have a sweet sixteen yea.

but today not very happy :(
ying told me tat fish '' 三八到死 ''
aha. me oso feel like tat.
agree ! >.<
but i feel like her very jia oso.
jia jia go out and say somethin to han.
ming xian is jia jia larh.
yuan lai ying is same as me. ;p
i'm reali hate tat feeling.

ying ask me and lin.
she duno why orange will like fish de lorh ?
same as my quetion.
love is like tat de larh.
and orange has already mang mu larh.
how ?
wat to do ?
he like lorh.
haha. ;p



kenji said...

Will u all juz care bout ppl feelings?? u feel bad so??? ppl dun feel bad when u all critisize ppl??? u all r juz so selfish...u all r 16 yrs old teenages n still act lik 6 yrs old little girls....juz care bout ppl feelings too...ppl oso get hurt when they see the selfish posts u all made....n plz b considerate =D

悲しさの色合い said...

erm...pooiling....find ur trusted fren to speak out...
dun be like me.....anything keep inside the heart.....
suffering....say it out.....then forget it.....continue ur life... ur life is manipulated by urself,..... we can choose to be happy everyday....or angry or sad everyday....