Monday, December 21, 2009

special dedicated to CJL ♥

after few minutes later, is the CHONG JO LEE's birthday! lol. dear, HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY! (: you should know i love you right? haha, i know you love too! :p thanks for being such a good friend to me these few years. im really glad to know you. maybe there's a fate? we not used to talk much, alright? but we used to share some secret. we're not talking that much when came to this year. because this year we're busying study and prepare for examination. that's why i dont like exam. because exam always ruined our friendship. lol. not ruined larh. but just make us less talk to each other like last time. do u ever see me cry before? i think yes barh? but i haven see u cry before leh? when are u going to cry in front of me huh? LMAO. dear, i dunno why everytime when i was emo, and when i feel like texting u or calling u, then i'll stop myself from doing that, cos' everytime when i was emo, that will be exam time. i dunno why? haha, i knew u're struggling with something, and i know i cant help much. only can be a listener to you. and i know im not a good counselor. but i will learn to be. tho' i know i cant! anyway, have a blast! good luck in your future and have a great one tmr! :D

lastly, happy sexy 17th birthday! may god bring you luck and always be happy.
S.M.I.L.E (:

ps: friendship forever! ♥

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