Monday, December 28, 2009


it's kinda weird that you're happy when something is canceled that you wanted for so long. moodless these days. and i dunno what can i say now. have found few ways to release it. but at least i felt happy after typing few words to someone. ya, his perasan-ness is the best one. no one could be better than his. OHMYGEES. anyway, thanks him too. sometimes, he's quite annoying. i admit that. lol. but he's a great yet nice friend.

BAHH, and i dont think i'll go out with them. dear, i wanna go countdown with you guys. and, and my mum let me go! wink* im looking forward to it ya. (:

i dont think there'll be a second chance. ya. cos' i really dont want to go through it once again.
ps: i felt like yell to someone. but no one in my mind now.


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