Monday, August 17, 2009

birthday shoutouts.

booooommm (:

hello world,
just take a few minutes here..

someone's big birthday today,
ms.chua lyn wei

welcome to 17th group, and you are OLD!
friend since form one. from not-so-close friend change to close friend?


enjoy your big day and hope u like the present and the surprise we gave u.
all the best and good luck in everything!

next come to my three primary friend,
firstly i have my BFF, lee xin ying,
haha, she is an annoying + perasan friend,
happy birthday and all the best!
secondly, i have my BFF too, tung kit yee,
know her since standard three? lol.
anyway, happy birthday!

thirdly, i have fong jo yee,

suddenly think of my primary stuff tim,
quite miss those moment when i was in standard five and six,
it's nice memories!
best wishes,

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