Sunday, July 19, 2009

nice outing with friends (:

went bon odori with pmo gang and 5s6 gang.. it's awesome of course. but if u're going alone, maybe u'll feel boring. going anywhere with frens are the most beautiful moment in life. yea, once we reached there, we bought food and sat down on a big field. then enjoy our food. the food was okay only. for my opinion larh. erm, then went to buy food for second round. i bought my lovely strawberry with chocolate. ohmygod, it was nice enough woih. then, we dance together but it's almost the same and keep on repeating. we dance two times. haha, time flied so fast. it's 9.30pm and time to back to skul. haha, the bus was far away and we couldn't find. luckily peilin called and told me. thanks yea (: haha, finally found the bus. reached skul about 10.45pm i think. then waited mum to fetch me. argh, outing every saturday this month. luckily she didn't scold me. next saturday band concert again. lol. hanging out with frens again. but this time is with juniors too.. hee (:
*on the way going to stadium*
me. yeeyang,sinwei,me uncle shern
sinwei and me camera shy
again with the lovely strawberry and chocolate
huey and yeeyang
me and mabel me.mabel.chingnee
sinwei and mabel
cello bass group stupid pose
me adn pei en
*on the way back to skul*

p/s:more picture will upload after i collect them from others..

.stay tune.

pooiling (:

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