Friday, February 20, 2009

beloved senior.

today went for lunch.. u guess who i saw?
haha, my most funny senior in my life..
a han ! he is still damn funny..
ask him : dun have work meh today?
then he answered me: take leave ma can lor.
wth* din change much him.. still like tat.
still like to talk alot, bully ppl, and more more..
happy to see him today.. but i noe im not the most happy..
cos SHE will be more happier.. heee :)

today started solo practice.. damn scary..
& i chose ' kong san niao yu'
damn difficult song yet nice.. love it!
but i scared i cant perform it well and yet spoil the song...
am i suitable to play the song? i'll try hard..

my heart will go on..

ling :)

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