Monday, January 19, 2009

happened in a sudden..

why recently so many things happen around me? urgh....
haihz, today she cried. but i cant do anything..
oni can message her to call her cheer up..
i noe it nid time to accept it.
because i go through it before..
i still remember last time when i heard about hers..
i cried oso.. im just cant accept it in a sudden..
reali, i understand ur situation..
so, the only thing i can do is be happy abit..
things had happen and we cant control it.
wat for we still cry for it?
cheer up cheer up cheer up cheer up !!
oh my gosh.. why im so bad luck today?
somebody stole my wallet !!
i put it in my bag, and after biology when i went back class..
and i found tat my bag's zip opened?
and i found and found and found..
okay, my wallet was stole by someone..
who is tat stupid idiot?
hmphh, wat the hell stole my wallet for, oni 11 ringgit inside..
and the most important is my IC was inside..
my gosh.. k.. i knew who is tat fella is..
wat the............

ling :(

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