Saturday, November 1, 2008

sorry and thanks

hey dear bloggie,
wana tell everyone tat i'm very happy,
my feeling just 复杂: happy lar, full of hope lar, scared lar..
erm, duno why will like tat..




i say a sorry to fish !
is my fault, listen to other, influence by other..
and yet starting to dislike her..
but duno why im reali dislike her tat time..
in fact, she din dislike me..
she felt very angry when she saw my article..
im felt very sorry to her..

we chat the whole night, tell her all those things..
and i got the answer..
i admit tat im a person tat easy influence by ppl..
after telling her those.. im very happy !
then, full of hope, hope tat we can become last time..
slowly, got bit scaring.. scared we cannot become last time.
then, duno how to face her..

wat sijun said, wat lyn said, wat peilin said, wat weil shern said,
i will always remember !
always think positively..
dun think other way round.
maybe u found tat the answer is there..

hope tat u all will understand why im doing this..

finally, sorry and thanks!

ling :)


waiyeen said...

Oh.. thx god... u guys finally can solve the problem liao... i'm really happy to see u guys that! u get this friendship very hard, so appreciate! appreciate out last yr together, ok? jia you... u had been through so many things, dun let it wasted! u guys, i mean the top 6 had done something great, i like this meeting, my 1st meeting. u guys impress me a lot... keep up the good work! u're lucky to have those such supportive partners there with u! Gambate!

yunho-jun said...

pooiling...Never doubt that u guys will noe be as gud as old times!!!

u guys are friends and got chance to quarrel..and FORGIVE each other again, is a good thing which others cant get it easily.
some of them dun even hav friends,
some of them cant even find somebody to talk or quarrel with,
some of them fight and quarrel for the until they still remember it before they die.

u noe why u guys will quarrel and dislike each other? cause u guys see each other as very important person. u treat her as a gud friend, so as her. that's y u cant accept when each one did something that hurts u.u will feel sad.
u wont feel sad if a stranger say u "stupid!" rite?
tats normal..and something u shud feel happy. happy that both of u see each other as important person in life.

so u shud feel grateful and put 200% effort to be best friends with her! dun forget, 1 day friends, always friends. :)

peilin said... really happy too...
Finally,u guys can solve the next time ya...dai go lui liao,learn how to think n learn how to solve the problem...both of u sure can become lyk last time,mayb wil better than be4...i noe y u wil scare,i suffer tat be4,haha^^ nothing de la,man man lai,sure can de...

Pei Mun said...

i'm feel very happy when i saw u this post...i'm really happy..waiyeen jun and peilin were happy too when they know we solve our wad peilin man lai..i also hope we can...dun think is ur fault d..dun think about it ya..we built it again together..hee..

悲しさの色合い said...

finally.....everytime wanna ask u two out oso gia gia....haiz....hope u two can be close fren again....long time didnt see last year's pooi ling and pei r u waiting for together....just like covalent bond.....sharing their balance each other....jia you.....