Monday, November 3, 2008

PJ old town

well, today plan to go mid valley to have a movie.but, it was not success.. in the end.. we went PJ old town to have our lunch.. erm, shud be said we accompany lyn went PJ to make the pmo tag..
so, our plan was dead T.T go there for about 5 minutes and it was ok.. then waiting the bus at bus stop.. about half an hour the bus haven come.. wat the,, finally tak boleh tahan d.. took a taxi to old town to have our lunch.. we have a chicken rice and a curry pork rice.. for about rm7.20..and we share together the 2 plate of rice.. after tat, we ordered 2 ice kacang and a cendol. cost us each person rm 2.. after finish eating, go take bus again.. wait until wana scream d.. so long the bus oso haven came.. wait until wana die d.. about half and hour, waiting there, the whether is damn hot, sweating there.. oh my goodness.. we sang at the bus stop and yet everyone is looking at us.. but, dun care.. hee :) finally finally, the bus came.. haihz.. waiting it like hell.. ok, at skul bus stop, saw kaifooog and chunwai,haha, then we go mv together to back home.. waa, suddenly rain heavily, but, luckily oni mv raining.. haha :)

ling :)

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