Saturday, November 22, 2008

duno wat to say ?

yesterday was gotong royong, erm, can be said quite success.. at the end, erhu group is the fastest group tat finish clean up hua yue shi.. haha.. give urself a big big clap ! things in xiao fang will be arrange back like last time.. T.T so sorry for arrange those cupboard and now they will change back like last time.. i noe those cupborad is heavy, and all those things inside the cupboard need to take out, oni the cupboard can move.. but, we have no choice.haih.. once again, SORRY yea !

today he zhou, erm duno wat to said ?

ling :/

1 comment:

悲しさの色合い said...

can we dun care abt it??
we really like.... argh....
took so long time clean up the mess.. then now need to take out again!!!!!!!!