Friday, November 7, 2008

bored day :(

today is 7 of november, friday..
finally, the last day of skul day..
but, we still have to go back to skul to attend a stupid biology class..
haihz.. damn sad.. arshikin haven give back our bio exam paper..
wth* and we have to attend tat extra class..
get back my report card.. erm, bit happy larh..
although i failed my physics, at least i have improved my other subject..
haa, my purata has improved..
but, still 60 something... at least got improved larh..
i got no. 17 in my class...
damn happy =] wink*

erm, today first time teach by "ling zi wei"..
argh, all the "zi fa" has changed.. damn tough leh..
but, nice lorh after changed it.. haihz, i cant play the feeling out leh..
im scared.. those "hua yin"... argh !!!
he is reali a good teacher !


bored day :(


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悲しさの色合い said...

haha....i keep on playing the same bar wong ask us to do so....luckily i practise yesterday.. didnt kena marah...